Amazon WordPress Store Plugin Demo

The Product Style Amazon WordPress plugin is the perfect solution for both existing affiliate websites and new sites.

This site is a demo of the Amazon Store features of the plugin, which includes the use of an on-site shopping cart. This site was done with the default Twenty-Eleven theme.

Take a look through the pages listed in the menu above to see different ad types in action with a live shopping cart.

Click the Checkout button once you have products in your cart to see how the process proceeds on Amazon.

Any of the ad types that this plugin can generate can be used with the store shopping cart. This includes styled product information ads, comparison charts, and full page product review pages.

The shopping cart can be seen in the right-hand sidebar on any page of the site. This cart is designed to work with Javascript, so a product will be added to the cart when you click on it. However, it has also been programmed to degrade nicely for website visitors that have Javascript disabled, so it will work for any site visitor.

Running your own website shop with Amazon products powering your store is a method that is preferred by a lot of affiliates.

There is one single reason why you want to run a store instead of linking directly to Amazon product pages: conversion rates.

When someone adds a product to an Amazon store shopping cart, they are much more likely to complete their purchase. In fact, cart conversion rates are typically 50 – 60%!

Once someone merges your on-site cart with their own Amazon account shopping cart, you stand a much better chance of earning a commission because of the way
Amazon affiliate sales tracking works.

When you send someone directly to an Amazon product page, the referring affiliate will only get credit for a sale if it is completed within 24 hours. However, when someone adds a product to their shopping cart, the referring affiliate can actually still earn a commission for sales made up to 90 days later.

By running your own Amazon store with a shopping cart, you will only be sending referrals to Amazon that add products to their cart, so this alone puts you in an incredible position to be able to refer more sales.

One thought on “Amazon WordPress Store Plugin Demo

  1. That one reason alone (sale credit for 90 days vs. 24 hours) is worth the purchase itself! Will you ever make it compatable for someone like me who uses Xsitepro instead of wordpress? I am seriously considering moving over to wordpress, but have no idea how to set it all up, do you have that info or recommend training for setting up your first blog with your plugin?
    Thanks! great product idea

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